How to Write a Sponsorship Letter

How to Write a Sponsorship Letter

Ready to take the step to find yourself a sponsor? Be organized and break it down into simple steps and it won't be difficult at all to do or for your potential sponsor to understand exactly what you want.

First of all, understand what proper letter format is and if you don't, learn it. It's important that when you write a sponsorship letter that it looks as professional as possible. Start off with the title of the person and underneath that, the address the letter will be delivered to.

The date goes next and then the standard formal salutation. Start off your sponsorship letter with a description of who you are and why you are seeking sponsorship. Be clear as to whether you're seeking personal sponsorship or a sponsorship for a nonprofit organization.

If you want to invite the potential sponsor to a fund raising event, do so in the next paragraph. Then include a short request for sponsorship. Be short and succinct and get your point across in as few words as possible. Give some ideas for the type of sponsorship that you are seeking. Do you want the sponsor to purchase a banner or ad? Do you have more than one sponsorship plan? Go ahead and give options if you have them. Many sponsors, especially corporate sponsors usually prefer to be able to choose the type of sponsorship plan instead of having to question how much your want and what you want in terms of sponsorship.

Give full contact information and it's also a good idea to include a self-addressed-stamped envelop with your request. Last but not least, if it's possible, try to drop off your sponsorship request letter in person. Often it will make a much better impression. Use these tips to find write a sponsorship letter and get the backing for your cause.