1. What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is any individual, corporate or busniess entity that wishes to contribute to an event or cause by purchasing a sponsorship. Sponsorship purchases buy marketing opportunites for businesses as well as being beneficial for those offering the sponsorship.

2. How do athletes acquire sponsorship?

Athletes must acheive a certain amount of experience and expertise in their athletic field before applying for sponsorship. Once appropriate experience is achieved, athletes may inquire with certain companies to see what their requirements are, and provide a resume of accomplishments and goals for their future in their sport of choice.

3. Do Olympic athletes have sponsors?

yes, Olympic athletes have sponsors. they may have their own sponsors combined with Olympic appointed sponsors, or they may have just their own sponsors and function independently as an individual athlete or as part of an athlete collective participating in the olympic games.

4. What is a cultural arts sponsor?

A sponsor of the cultural arts is a person or business who supports the artistic endeavors of artists wishing to demonstrate through art thier cultural heritage. Sponsors of these arts lend their name and money to projects developed by cultural artists and in return receive strategic marketing serivices in the form of advertisements and mentions of sponsorship contribution.

5. I have heard that it is possible to sponsor a farm animal. How may I do this?

It is possible to sponsor a farm animal. When sponsoring farm animals a commitment is made between the sponsor and the organization that hosts the animal, that for a certain almount of time and money for the organization will support, feed, medicate if neccessary and in general care and protect a specific animal. Many differnt types of animals may be sponsored, from endangered spiecies to regular house cats.