How to Attract a Corporate Sponsor

How to Attract a Corporate Sponsor

Choosing a corporate sponsor can seem overwhelming, however if you break down exactly what you want from a corporate sponsor, you will find it's not as hard as it sounds to attract a corporate sponsor to support your athletic aspirations or nonprofit organization.

Do a Little Research Before Your First Contact

The Internet is a rich source of information and you can find out who is on the board of directors for various companies as well other information, including whether or not the company made charitable donations or corporate sponsorships in the past. Often it will be right on their websites or you can also research through Google news and many states have the information online.

If you have a small volunteer only or you're a new nonprofit, don't be discouraged, it's still possible to get corporate sponsorship. It's all in learning how to contact and how to convey your message that you want sponsorship.

Tell Your Corporate Sponsor What You Want

Sometimes sponsorship requires aren't acknowledged because the request letter was far too long and no one within the organization really understood exactly what you wanted. The key is to be clear. If you want a corporate sponsor to help fund an event, say so. Offer a few advertising packages for corporate sponsors. It's far better to give sponsors a choice and let them choose the plan that best fits their budget rather than just have to turn you down because you don't have anything in their range. Contrary to what you may have heard, many companies are more than willing to help, it's just a matter of making it easy for them to do so.

Make it Clear How the Sponsorship will Be Used

Be as transparent as possible when you're trying to attract a corporate sponsor. You need to show why you need the sponsorship and what you're going to do with it. Use these easy tips and you should have no problem attracting the perfect corporate sponsor for your project.